Sika @ Ecobuild 2012: Sustainability Trends Offer Opportunities.
Sika attended the Ecobuild 2012 in London, one of the largest Sustainable Construction fairs in the world. Sika UK was present in the fair, with a stand where the main Sustainability challenges like climate change, resource efficiency, water scarcity or infrastructure need were highlighted.

Photovoltaic systems and green roofs

The stand illustrated how Sika solutions can contribute to tackle these challenges by displaying products and solutions - such as photovoltaic systems and green roofs - which bring a clear customer benefit. The Sika staff could also profit from the fair by having interesting discussions with visitors drawn in by the eye-catching Sika stand.

Carbon neutrality and carbon offsetting

The Sika sustainability team from Europe North and South also took the opportunity to attend the fair and to discuss and observe the sustainability-related trends with customers and interested parties. The sustainability team observed the following topics and trends which will become increasingly important for the Construction sector:

  • Carbon neutrality and carbon offsetting
  • Growing importance of green building programs and certification schemes and political commitment to sustainability in construction (e.g. Green Deal in the UK)
  • Energy saving equals saving money and carbon costs (e.g. investment in passive heating/cooling)
  • Use of alternative energy generation, especially with solar panels
  • Products which are easy to install (e.g., clip-on or magnetic components)
  • Waste reduction, through reuse and recycling
  • Refurbishment (e.g. upgrading of insulation systems) and extension of the lifetime of existing infrastructure (e.g. re-roofing)
  • Matching the products’ lifetime with that of the building
  • Phase change materials
  • Acoustic comfort

Sika aims to provide solutions which respond to these trends and bring benefits to the customer. Some examples of how customers can profit from Sika solutions in what regards sustainability can be seen on the Product Sustainability pages.