Concrete admixtures can improve the sustainability of concrete in many different ways. Firstly, admixtures can improve the quality and performance of concrete significantly, which in return extends its service life.

Sika admixtures for enhanced performance and sustainability

In addition, thanks to the use of admixtures the application of concrete instead of other building materials can improve the life cycle of infrastructures, i.e. concrete roads or bridges.

Further, the addition of special admixtures, such as stabilizing or water reducing admixtures also enables the use of alternative and recycled materials, such as recycled aggregates, for the production of good quality concrete.

Finally, in many cases the energy required to produce certain cement or concrete mixes will be positively impacted with the use of admixtures. One example is the addition of water reducing and accelerating admixtures to obtain high early strengths in precast concrete to greatly reduced or even completely replaced external heating of elements.

Sika Sustainable Solutions for Concrete
Sika Sustainable Solutions for Concrete

Sika Admixtures for on-site recycled concrete; concrete formulation and Sika’s admixture know-how

Sika Sustainable Solutions for Concrete (pdf, 1,81 MB)