The event takes place on September, 20, 2012 in Stuttgart
The issue of sustainability is booming. The need for "sustainable buildings" has grown immensely in recent years. What kind of information is needed, which are the processes and what products can be used for sustainable construction?

Specialist Event - Sustainable Buildings

On the basis of a new Sika building, which will receive a certification of DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), Sika Germany will explain the entire process - from the initial design of a building to the products used.

Among other things, you'll enjoy the following program:

  • Learn from the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) all details about their building certification
  • Visit the building and learn all about the process of DGNB certification, the data they need to use the right products
  • Find out what "Sustainable Construction" means in relation to a roof sealing and which solutions are appropriate
  • Discuss about photovoltaics - "media campaign or truth" - what's the situation today and what will bring the future?
  • Visit the Sika Solar Park, Germany