Good Afternoon, 

My name is Trelawny Williams and I am Head of Corporate Finance at Fidelity International. 

We are a substantial shareholder in Sika and I stood here last year and expressed our strong support for the actions of the independent Directors and I would simply like to repeat that message today.  The independent Directors have taken a robust and courageous stance to do what they think is right and we applaud them for their actions. 

Sika is one of Switzerland’s most important companies and it is to management’s great credit that the business has continued to perform well notwithstanding competitive market conditions and the distraction of continuing litigation.  I am sure we would all like to see an end to the discord between the company and its founding shareholder but we will only support a solution which protects the long term interests of the company, its stakeholders and all of its shareholders, family and otherwise. 

We continue to stand ready to provide assistance to the Board in whatever manner we reasonably can. 

Thank you very much.