Due to the ongoing difficult situation with regard to the coronavirus pandemic, physical attendance at this year's Annual General Meeting is unfortunately not possible. Sika would nevertheless like to give its shareholders the opportunity to ask questions verbally during the AGM via an online platform. Shareholders wishing to make use of this opportunity are asked to register as described below by 23.59 p.m. CEST on April 10, 2022.


General information

Registration process

At gvmanager-live.ch/sika shareholders are asked to provide their full name, email address, and phone number. Shareholders then have the opportunity to select the agenda item(s) on which they wish to ask a question.

Restricted speaking time 

Shareholders wishing to ask a question will be asked to do so by name during the Annual General Meeting. The question of the shareholder will also be broadcast in the live stream (see "Further information on the online platform" below). The Board of Directors reserves the right to take position on the questions in aggregated or individual form and to limit the time allotted for speaking. 

Shareholder rights exercised exclusively via the independent proxy

No shareholder rights can be exercised via the online platform at gvmanager-live.ch/sika. Shareholder rights may exclusively be exercised via the independent proxy. It is not possible for shareholder rights to be exercised during the AGM. 

Data protection

Shareholders who register at gvmanager-live.ch/sika are advised that, by registering, they consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with Sika's Privacy Notice and confirm that they have read the Privacy Notice. A shareholder representing other shareholders also confirms, by registering, that the consent of the represented shareholders to the processing of personal data has been obtained. By registering, shareholders further confirm that they agree that their question will be recorded and that the respective recording will be available on Sika's website for one year.

Further information on the online platform


Link to online platform

Once the registration is completed, a confirmation email containing a personal access link to the online platform will be sent to the registered shareholders. Registered shareholders can use the link to be connected live to the Annual General Meeting. 

Login to online platform

Registered shareholders are asked to log in using the access link between 3.30 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. CEST on the day of the Annual General Meeting. A log-in is no longer possible once the Annual General Meeting has begun. For purposes of the authentication process, registered shareholders are asked to ensure that both their microphones as well as their cameras are activated. 


A passport/identity card is required for the authentication process. Registered shareholders are asked to ensure that they have these documents at hand before they log in. Representatives of legal entities are further asked to have a copy of the power of attorney authorizing them to represent the legal entity at hand.

Procedure for speaking

Once the authentication process has been completed, the registered shareholders can follow the Annual General Meeting on the online platform. Each registered shareholder will be informed accordingly when it is his/her turn to speak on an agenda item. The speaking time is generally limited to three minutes.