Applicator Joint Sealing Flooring

To increase productivity and improve ergonomics when applying self-leveling sealants for floor joints, Sika helps guide you step by step.

Faster Application

Watch the video to see how to speed up application of floor joint sealant

1. Clean the joint flanks.

2. Insert a closed cell backer rod.

Place the backer rod so that sealant dimensions are 1:1 width to depth.

3. Always apply primer when doing floor joints.

4. If needed, apply masking tape.

5. Carefully pour sealant into joints.

Use the SikaBond® Dispenser 1800 for faster application.

6. Remove masking tape, and it's finished!

Features of the Sika Joint Sealant Dispenser

The Sika floor joint dispenser Sikaflex® Dispenser 1800 is designed to increase productivity and improve ergonomics for the application of self-leveling sealants for floor joints.

Ideal for medium-size jobs, like floor joint sealing in car park garages or on larger pavement areas
Joints can be easily done with wheels and shoulder belt for floor joint application
Device can also be used for floor to wall connection joints with fastener adjustment

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