By opening a new mortar production facility in Jiaxing City, in the province of Zhejiang in Eastern China, Sika has further expanded its production capacity in the rapidly growing Chinese construction market. The commissioning of the new facility is Sika’s response to high demand in the region. At the same time, this step guarantees optimized logistics, shorter transportation routes for raw materials and finished goods, and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

With its latest investment in the expansion and improvement of its supply chain in China, Sika is targeting further growth in the greater Zhejiang region, one of China’s most economically prosperous areas. Up to now, the technologies for construction projects in Eastern China were produced at the Shanghai and Suzhou plants. Sika can now meet the customers’ demand locally in all three metropolitan regions with a booming construction economy, providing a more sustainable and service-oriented solution. Both customers and the environment will benefit greatly.


Regional Manager Asia/Pacific
"With our latest investment in capacity expansion, we are establishing a much broader production base in China and gearing our production footprint for further dynamic growth. We will ensure supplies to our customers, in China’s fast-paced construction market, more quickly and sustainably to improve competitiveness. Our goal is to continue our above-average growth compared to the market while reducing our overall environmental footprint." Mike Campion, Regional Manager Asia/Pacific

Infrastructure Investments Stimulate Growth

The construction industry in China will set to continue growing for many years to come, thanks in part to large-scale state investments in new and existing infrastructure. China’s plan for a “mega transport network” will see an additional 60,000 km of railways, 159 airports, 300,000 km of roads, and 10 new ports constructed in the next 15 years.