RMC Concrete Technology

Systems: RMC Concrete Technology

Water Reduction Admixtures

A full range of plasticizers, superplasticizers, and workability enhancers is available from Sika: e.g. water reducers (Sika® Plastiment® or Sika® Plastocrete®) to high range water reducers (Sikament® or Sika® ViscoCrete®) and/or workability enhancing admixtures (Sika ViscoFlow®).

Set Controlling Admixtures

Specific site requirements regarding workability and early strength development can be perfectly tailored with the help of set retarders (SikaTard®) and different types of accelerators (SikaRapid®).

Durability Enhancer Admixtures

An essential characteristic of concrete is its durability. Knowledge about concrete technology and a full range of products, e.g. SikaControl®, SikaFume®, and/or Sika® FerroGard® enhance concrete durability.

Concrete Essentials

A wide range of concrete essentials complete the product range: From mold release agents (Sika® Separol®), curing agents (Sika® Antisol®), to surface retarders (Sika® Rugasol®).