Spray Concrete Technology

Systems: Sprayed Concrete Technology

Shotcrete Solutions

Sika is the expert in all the available technologies for sprayed concrete, including both the wet and the dry spray processes. This allows us to provide the optimum solution for each type of project and application, including the development of our own sprayed concrete machines at Aliva® AG. When combined with our research, development and globalized production of specialist sprayed concrete admixtures, such as Sigunit® and Sika® ViscoCrete®, plus our years of experience in tunneling, mining and on all types of major construction projects, this makes Sika the ideal partner for owners, designers and contractors on any type of sprayed concrete works.

Fire Protection

Sikacrete®-213 F is a cementitous fire protection mortar which effectively protects concrete from the effects of extreme heat in the event of a fire.