Increased efficiency thanks to bonding solutions

In modern construction bonding is gaining importance as it facilitates and speeds up installation but also opens up new possibilities. For example efficient floor heating together with wood floors is only possible by bonding.

Profit from our strength in industrial bonding solutions

Sika has the know-how and the products to fulfil all your bonding needs. To offer you the best solution for your bonding application our product range comprises all major technologies. We have complete solutions for floor covering and construction applications. What makes a bond durable? Its elasticity!

Go for elastic bonding, go for SikaBond® and Sikaflex® adhesives!

General purpose adhesives

Many bonding applications also include sealing functions. For example when bonding roof gutters you expect that the adhesive bonds, shows a certain flexibility and also seals the pieces together.

If you have a multipurpose bonding and sealing application Sikaflex® is the reflex of professionals world wide.

High grab adhesives

High grab adhesives give you the freedom to walk away after bonding. The object will stay in place without additional fixation until the adhesive has cured. This is convenient, safe and makes you more productive. SikaBond® high grab adhesives fulfil there promise, try them and be amazed!

Wood floor adhesives

Sika revolutionized wood floor bonding 20 years ago by introducing elastic adhesives. In elastic bonded wood floors the adhesive takes up the stress between the “living” wood and the “dead” sub-floor and thereby preventing damage to both. Sika has long-year experience, know-how and best products for wood floor bonding. Through recent acquisitions of strong players in the field we have strengthened our position. We now can offer a complete product assortment, from “level to varnish”.

Soft floor covering adhesives

Carpets, PVC coverings, luxury vinyl tiles, Lino and many more “soft” floor coverings are bonded to the sub-floor. Through our recent acquisitions we now can offer know-how and best products for any “soft floor” application, be it in a hospital, airport or residential building. Sika is the only company that can offer solutions from basement to roof. If you are tired of changing partners for every application, choose Sika!

Pre-treatment and Accessories
Pre-treatment and Accessories

Sika offers solutions, therefore we have a wide range of auxiliary products besides its sealants and adhesives. For optimal system performance we recommend our tools, membranes and tapes and substrate pretreatments.