Sika Protective Coating Solutions

Our global acid-, corrosion- and fire protection expertises are directly linked to our high-performance products and customer needs. We have developed systems taking into account design life, operational requirements, surface design and installation details:

Systems: Protective Coating

Wall coatings for industrial and commercial interior environment

High-quality and healthy protective wall coats is frequently necessary for some interior environment. Sika supply wall coatings which have various necessary certification and approvals for hygiene, minimal VOC’s / AMC’s or particle emissions for healthy indoor air, in addition, it is highly easy to clean and ensure the area remains dust free.

Sika wall coating  is also the ideal solution for food & beverage plants in the areas where foodstuffs are produced, these usually have a cleaning regime using high pressure water jetting with strong detergents and cleaning agents. They perfectly combine good chemical resistance and mechanical resistance, plus they are resistant to moisture and elastomeric, so they are able to accommodate thermal or structural movement without cracking or flaking.

These coatings have been fully tested in accordance with many European standards including EN 13501 (Behaviour in Fire), ISO 846 (biological resistance), EN 18033 (Wet scrub resistance and opacity).

Acid Protection

Sika Acid Protection system have been developed for a wide range of application fields:

  • lining of secondary containment bunds
  • lining and protection of production equipment in the chemical industry
  • interior linings of chimneys
  • internal lining of chemical storage tanks
  • mining industry

Each of these application fields has specific requirements in terms of mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance, temperature shock resistance and surface preparation.

Corrosion Protection

Sika Corrosion Protection system have been developed for a wide range of application fields:

  • interior steel structures
  • exterior steel structures, exposed to different environmental conditions
  • interior and exterior of pipelines, transporting water, oil and natural gas
  • internal lining of tanks
  • hydraulic structures
  • corrosion Protection on steel cables of cable bridges

Each of these application fields has specific requirements in terms of mechanical and chemical resistance, temperature shock resistance, UV-resistance, design and surface preparation.

Fire Protection

Sika Fire Protection Systems have been developed as intumescent coatings for steel, wood and concrete structures. Sika Unitherm products are mainly used in the following markets:

  • Transport & Infrastructure
  • Health care, Education, Leisure and Culture
  • Residential, Commercial & Administration Buildings
  • Show rooms, Exhibition Buildings
  • Improvement of existing buildings in case of fire safety

Each of these markets have specific requirements in terms of fire resistance classes, application, and design. Sika is able to provide tailor made solutions with fire resistance from 30 minutes up to 2 hours.