We help you to know your floors better

Sika experts can visit your project, inspect your floors and give you professional advices on the status of your floors or floor substrates and the needed performance of your floors. This is the basis of specifying the right solutions for your floors. You will also get suggestions of the solution for your floors. 

We provide advices on how you can keep your floor's life span longer

  • Floor cleaning and subsequent maintenance are needed to ensure that your Sika flooring systems meet the life expectation. Sika provide instructions for this issue >>
  • You may also extend the life of your Sikafloor system by recoating or diamond grinding after certain years of use
floor renovation

Sustainability and Indoor Air Quality

Sika experts can evaluate your floors and the different options of flooring systems in the market, then give you advice on the indoor quality, life cycle cost calculation, energy consumption and CO2 emission of your floors in your projects.