Joints are a major challenge in both new construction and the refurbishment of buildings, and have direct impact on floors’ durability and aesthetic appearance. These joints are most apparent between different floor components, between floors and walls and around columns and entrances. The task of the joint sealing systems are not only to accommodate movements between building elements, but also to meet various requirements depending on the functions and locations of the respective joints and the environment which they expose to.

Sika joint sealing systems for flooring application are proved to have high performance in regards to chemical resistance, water tightness, durability and mechanical resistance. We also provide specifiers technical drawings and BIM objects at request.

Solutions for drainage channels / gullies

Drainage channels / gullies should always be designed to be outside of trafficked areas wherever possible. Falls on the floors should be adequate to discharge liquids as quickly as possible to the channels. When traffic over channels / gullies is unavoidable, considerable attention should be given to the channel arises and cover grating fixings, as these are the most susceptible areas for premature failure.

Sika, together with its partner, supplies ready-to-install drainage systems to meet various standards and requirements.  

Solutions for coving

Wherever seamless coving is required for easy to clean wall-to-floor connections, Sika provides easy-to-apply coving mortars composed of Sikafloor®-156/160/161 and Sikafloor®-280 filler. Ready to use kits such as Sika® Repair EP can also be used for this purpose.

Solutions for jointing

There is no way to prevent all of the joints in floors, but they are causes of the major damages in flooring applications due to different reasons. Therefore, the proper planning and design of a floor joint has to be performed with specific precautions to prevent future damage. Furthermore, industrial floors require reliable joint sealants to resist chemical and mechanical wear, particularly floors designed for vehicular traffic or cleaning machines, etc. Sika solutions for these joint sealants include the well proven and reliable Sikaflex® Pro-3 polyurethane sealant that is suitable for many types of floor joints including connecting joints between different materials.  

We have also developed innovative Sika® FloorJoint pre-fabricated panel systems for joints in car parks and industrial floors. The main advantage is the significant noise and vibration reduction when trafficked on. They are also very easy to install and very durable.