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EHEDG World Congress 2-3 November 2016 in Denmark

Sika participates as a Gold sponsor in the EHEDG World Congress on Hygienic Engineering & Design  in Herning, Denmark. The event is a summit for all parties interested in the hygienic engineering of equipment and facilities for the safe production and processing of food and related products. The congress is organized every second year and the program highlights various aspects considered as key points for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as for equipment and machinery manufacturers.

The presentations will reflect the latest EHEDG know-how in these fields and high-level experts will deliver an insight into hygienic design principles and real cases. Emerging hazards, sustainability, compliance and traceability as well as good manufacturing practices and economic aspects.

In the event Sika has a possibility to show and discuss about its latest developments and solutions with the major players in the field.

@ YOUR SURFACE: Hygiene and Safety - No compromise allowed

Read our edition on food & beverage facility construction and get inspired by a wide variety of specialists in the design and building of food and beverage facilities.

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Design Considerations

Get informed about design essentials for a hygienic, safe and functional floor in food and beverage facilities


Selection Guide

A complete solution for surface finishes of abeverage facility


Employee Safety

Factors influencing slip potential. How to manage the risk of slips?



Customer preference, new technology and regulations drive the design and interior finishes selection


Hygienic Drainage

A critical part of floor structure in food production processing areas


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Basement to Roof Solutions

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Flooring and coating systems

Seamless flooring materials and Wall finishes have become an increasingly common specification to achieve the established standards.


Our time-tested, proven flooring and wall coating solutions are rooted in more than 100 years of experience developing technologies used in flooring as well as concrete production, below-ground waterproofing, roofing, sealing and bonding, and other industrial applications


Building envelope systems

Interior environments can only run perfectly when protected by a perfectly tight building envelope.


Take control of your environment with building envelope Solutions from Sika :