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Floor and interior design for food processing and handling facilities : A Checklist

A dairy or beverage plant. A catering or industrialkitchen. A Winery. A slaughter house or fishpacking facility. A bakery. A fruit and vegetableprocessing plant. A snack production facility.These are but a few examples of businesses thatexist in the vast food processing industry. Andeach of them has its own specific requirementsfor flooring, walls, and other surfaces. Applicationexamples include freezers, bottling lines, rawmaterial processing and handling areas, packagingand storage areas, and the list goes on.

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Hygiene and functionality – the main

The design and construction of new food and beverageproduction facilities, or their refurbishment, are a complex process and must successfully combine two main disciplines: process engineering and architectural design. A conversation with Niall Mc Quitty and Damian Cleveland from the company Artica Ltd.

floor for cheese storage
Design considerations for hygienic floors in food & beverage facilities

A functional and purpose-built floor is key to a safe andhygienic production environment. Floors that are hygienic,non-slip, easy to clean, and durable provide a safe and attractive place to work.

floor cleaning
Keeping floors clean and food safe

Hein A. Timmerman, Global Sector SpecialisFood Care at Sealed Air, and EHEDG* Board Member, comments on protocols and procedures for keeping floors in food and beverage plants as sanitary and safe as possible.

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Employee safety and slip-resistance

Employee safety is one of the most important requirements for any workplace. Slips and falls are among the most common injuries at work. They account for about 86% of total injuries, and 90% of these happen because the floor is wet.

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A good choice is an informed choice

There are a lot of things that different industries have learned from one another over time. One example is the food and beverage industry and what it’s learned from pharmaceuticals, and particularly how these companies conduct their research and run their production operations. Clean room measurement technology as applied to floor and wall systems.

floor drainage
Putting hygiene first

Food hygiene, public health and ultimately the success of any food manufacturing business is influenced by a number of important factors, one of which is drainage. Here, Mr Vaclav Kralicek, ACO Group Segment Manager Food and Beverage, gives us an overview of some of the key areas to consider when it comes to specification.

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Choosing seamless wall coatings for your plant

Hygienic wall finishes are an important aspect of every food plant. Walls inside a production facility cannot fail — surfaces shall not flake, the walls cannot emit particles or gasses that could affect the quality and safety of the foodbeing processed, they have to have easy and effective cleaning capabilities at any temperature, they must be resistant to the cleaning and disinfection regime in place, they need to expand and contract without cracking, they should provide a smooth surface, have a good impact resistance and, last but not least, be affordable.

floor beverage packaging area
Selection guide – a complete solution for beverage facility surface finishes

The manufacture of beverages includes Soft Drinks, Water, Fruit Juices, Brewed products, Milk based products, Health foods and others. A selection guide for floor and wall surfaces in a beverage facility confined to water based products and juices.

floor beverage packaging area
System selection for beverage facility surface finishes
floor packaging area
Powerful trends are driving floor and wall evolution in F&B

Stellar, fully integrated firm focused on design, engineering, construction and mechanical services worldwide is ranked as one of the top food processing design-build firms in the world. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, its expertise in the F&B industry extends over multiple market segments, including everything from seafood and poultry to beverage, and bakery and ready-to-eat. Manny Valdivieso, Architect AIA at Stellar, says demands on floor and wall suppliers continue to increase, particularly as economical and regulatory issues continue to tighten.

flooring for fish market sydney
Floor renovation in an operating Facility – it’s about speed and product Safety

Renovating a food or beverage plant is complex work that has its own unique challenges compared to building a greenfield facility. This applies equally to ceilings, walls, doors, utilities, lighting, floors, and all other major features. Presentation of two real case studies of floor refurbishment projects.

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Sika@work in food and beverage Industry
floor detailing
Hygienically sealed details

Joints and junctions are the weakest part of a flooring system in industrial environments. They are exposed to similar stresses as the floor itself, but also need to accomodate possible movements in the structure or between building components. Normally joint materials are elastic and also show lower resistance against mechanical and chemical stresses than the flooring material.These joints are most apparent between different components (e.g. drains, gullies), between floors and walls and around columns and entrances. Damaged, leaking and worn out joints allow dirt and bacteria to harbor.

floor product research
Regulations and certification in food and beverage facilities

Thousands of pages in many countries regulate various aspects of food law. Yet, it’s surprising to find how slim those pages are regarding the design and construction for food processing plants. Overiew of the most commonly applied floor certification in food and beverage projectss.

life cycle assessment
Sika solutions and sustainability

Limited resources, climate change, water, and infrastructure are global megatrends which are re-shaping Sika’s markets and also guiding Sika’s business. As an innovator and technology pioneer, Sika thinks ahead and is committed to a better environment through an integrated product approach.

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Sikafloor solutions – a safe and durable match for your specific needs

What makes a floor a Sikafloor ? At Sika, the global leader in innovative flooring solutions, we listen carefully to what our customers want and need, stay abreast of changes that can impact your business, and make significant Investments in research, development and testing in order to bring you trusted, engineered solutions based on evidence and best practices. Our time-tested, proven approach is rooted in more than 100 years of experience developing technologies used in flooring as well as concrete production, below-ground waterproofing,roofing, sealing and bonding, and other industrial applications.

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Full range solutions for a watertight and secure building envelope

Interior Environments can only run perfectly when protected by a perfectly tight building envelope. Take control of your enrvironment with building envelope solutions from Sika.