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Seamless Sika ComfortFloor® for Hospital AZ Groeninge, Belgium >>

“Ceilings, walls and floors must be smooth, jointless, and washable with Disinfectants or other methods of Disinfection. The wall surfaces should be shock resistant, and the flooring should be liquid-tight and smoothly connected to the wall with a cove.” Guideline for hospital hygiene and infection prevention by Federal Health Department / Robert Koch Institute

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Read our edition on health care facility construction  and get inspired by a wide variety of specialists on  perfection in the creation and operations of cure and care facilities:


Patient Focus

How Belgium is securing cure and care for the future


Safety First

Dr. Sarah Peake on infection prevention and control in health care facilities



How LEAN management reduced process time up to 90% at the St. Elisabeth Hospital


Care and Cleaning

Professional support for maintenance to secure lasting comfort and design



Get informed on design essentials for durable and sustainable finishes


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Basement to roof solutions

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Flooring and coating systems

Seamless flooring materials and Wall finishes have become an increasingly common specification to achieve the established standards.


Our time-tested, proven flooring and wall coating solutions are rooted in more than 100 years of experience developing technologies used in flooring as well as concrete production, below-ground waterproofing, roofing, sealing and bonding, and other industrial applications.


Building envelop systems

Interior environments can only run perfectly when protected by a perfectly tight building envelope. Take control of your environment with building envelope Solutions from Sika: