Building Envelope

Where are buildings most vulnerable to water ingress? At the joints!

Be on the safe side and choose Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex® sealants. Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex® are high quality products for essential applications. These sealants are the result of 100 years of experience, continuous improvement and innovation and state-of-the-art production sites.

Count on all major technologies and global presence

The product range comprises all major technologies to offer you the best solutions for your projects. Sika’s global presence allows us to respond to your needs and local requirements wherever you are realizing projects.

Keep your building secure and free of defects

Using Sika products is a decision for competence, security and a reliable partner. Avoid making mistakes where your building is most vulnerable to water leakage – choose Sika. That is why Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex® sealants are the first choice of joint sealant applicators worldwide.  Sika – Building trust from basement to roof.

Building Envelope

Concrete and masonry facades

For porous substrates like concrete, bricks and masonry, Sika’s advanced polyurethane Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex®  sealants are recommended. Their:

  • high movement capability
  • outstanding weather ability
  • best price-performance ratio
  • supreme adhesion properties

will guarantee long-lasting  watertight building envelope joints. Looking for stability – choose Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex®.

Glass and metal facades

For non-porous substrates like metal and glass Sika's SikaHyflex® silicone sealants are appropriate.
As a major supplier of structural glazing sealants and adhesives for glass facade element production we know what is needed. Our sealant range covers all your requirements from compatibility issues to non-staining and streaking properties.

Window installation

For applications where a wide adhesion range is required such as window installations, the unique silane modified polymer Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex® sealants are used.

  • excellent adhesion range from PVC to wood and aluminium
  • brilliant application and tooling properties
  • high durability

make them the first choice of installers all over the world. Avoid doing things twice: use Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex® sealants.