Interior Joint Sealing

Interior joint sealing is different to exterior applications

Within the building there are many sealing applications, like sealing around windows and doors, between walls or in the wet rooms. The requirements for the products are different to those for exterior applications. Smell, volatile organic compound emission, compatibility with paints, esthetic issues and lasting elasticity are key features of interior sealing products and will make your work sustainable and guarantee your satisfaction.

Which products you can use?

Sikaflex®, Sikasil®, and Sikacryl® sealants are designed to meet these requirements. Details make the difference: use good quality products, choose Sika!  We provide elastic Sikaflex®, Sikasil®, and Sikacryl® sealants with suitable movement capabilities, overpainting ability and very good compatibility with a wide range of paints that are easy to apply.  

Interior Joint Sealing

Decorators’ and painters’ sealants

Interior sealants are often used by painters and decorators to bridge cracks and joints before covering them with plaster or paint. We provide elastic Sikaflex® and Sikacryl® sealants with perfect application properties, suitable movement capabilities and  good adhesion to many paints.

Fire protection solutions

Fire rated sealants and foams are part of a fire protection system with walls, doors or pipes . They help restrict fire and smoke to where they occur for a certain time, allowing inhabitants to exit the building safely. Sika fire rated sealants and foams are thoroughly tested, externally certified according to latest standards and are best in class - ready to help and save lives in case of fire.

Kitchen and bath sealants

In wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms the joints are permanently in contact with humidity, cleaning products and other organic substances, ideal conditions for the growth of mold.  We provide Sikasil® sealants with excellent adhesion to sanitary ceramics and other materials found in wet rooms. These products show suitable movement capabilities and special resistance to mold growth.

Expansion foams

When doing installation work there are always larger gaps, joints and penetrations that have to be permanently filled or objects that have to be fixed in place. We provide a complete range of Sika Boom® high quality foams designated for the different installations. To fix, fill and insulate against noise, cold and drafts use Sika Boom® for gun or nozzle application.