Tapes, Membranes and Substrate Pre-treatment

Auxiliary products completing your solution

Sika offers overall solutions for you, therefore we have a wide range of auxiliary products besides our sealants and adhesives. For optimal system performance we recommend our tools, membranes and tapes and substrate pre-treatments.  

Tapes, Membranes and Substrate Pre-treatment

Tapes and membranes

Sealing and bonding can also be done by membranes and tapes, especially when installation has to be fast. We offer specialized membranes for window installation (Sika Membrane and  Sika Expansion Tapes), but also universal sealing tapes  (Sika MultiSeal range) for general repair work to prevent water ingress on your roof and anywhere else it is needed.


To ensure good adhesion between substrate and sealant we have a wide range of primers and activators for substrate preparation. Only a strong substrate interface, good adhesion and an elastic sealant will result in a sustainable, long lasting and tight joint.

Tools and accessories

Sika has a range of tools and accessories for professional applicators. Sealing all day with a cheap gun is unproductive and tiring! We recommend you use the tools which make your work more effective  and successful.