Concrete Replacement Mortars / Repair Mortars


Sika provides a full range of solutions for different repair works and specific requirements:

  • Pure cement based products
  • Cementitious, polymer-modified repair mortars
  • Epoxy based repair materials
  • Available as special admixtures for site batch mortars or pre-bagged repair mortars

Concrete Replacement / Repair Mortars

Bonding Primer

Bonding Primers are used in specific cases to promote the bonding behaviour of repair materials to substrate. Sika provides products for small area and large-scale applications with specific requirements.

Repair Mortars

Sika provides a full range of pure cement based products, cementitious, polymer-modified repair mortars and epoxy based repair materials for different repair works and specific requirements.

Smoothing Mortars

When concrete needs to be coated or levelled, smoothing mortars are necessary to fill the surface pores or honeycombs. Sika offers different type of smoothing mortars for efficient application and/or fast coating.