Accessories, Ancillary Products

Accessories, Ancillary Products and System Components

Vapour Control Layers

Vapour control layers are placed between substrate and thermal insulation to prevent the movement or absorption of humidity in roofing pie.

Protective Separation Layers

Separation sheets, if required, are placed between non-compatible layers in the roof build-up. Protective layers serve to protect the waterproofing membrane. And levelling mats are used to smooth
out rough or uneven substrates.

Drainage Layers

They are used in green roof build ups for drainage and water retaining functions.

Laminated Metal

Metal sheets laminated with the appropriate Sika PVC or FPO membranes are used to perform edge profiles for different flashings like parapets, walls, etc.


They are used in exposed roofing systems to provide non slippery pedestrian access walkways mainly for maintenance purposes.

Adhesives, Cleaners, Seam Preparation Agents

A complete, fully compatible range of integral system components allows reliable preparation and efficient execution of details and welded membrane seams. Sika Roofing provides the correct primers, adhesives and cleaners for each type of membrane.


Sealants are used to waterproof the terminations of roofing membranes at edge flashings and different penetrations.

Prefabricated Parts

Wide range of different prefabricated pieces and sections is used to ease membrane applications on different details like corners, post flashings, lightning wire connections etc.

Drainage Products

A large variety of different drains, scuppers, overflows which are fully compatible to Sika roofing membranes.

Fastening Products

Fasteners are crucial components, especially for mechanically fastened roofing systems. Wind uplift
forces and oxidation are two of the many influences that put tough demands on fastener materials.