Exposed Roofs

Systems: Exposed Roofs

Mechanically Fastened Systems with Sarnafil / Sikaplan Membranes

  • Mechanically fastened roofs are the most cost efficient for exposed roofing applications
  • The fastest installation speed is achieved with mechanical fastening
  • Sarnafil / Sikaplan membranes for mechanical fastening have special polyester reinforcement, enabling high wind load resistance
  • Installation is almost not weather dependent

Mechanically  fastened systems are ideal for large, lightweight metal decked structures and buildings, such as distribution and logistics centres, warehouses, supermarkets, workshops.

Adhered Systems with Sarnafil / Sikaplan

Sarnafil / Sikaplan adhered systems are a great solution if there is a need for:

  • High aesthetic appearance
  • Freedom of design and suitability for complex roof shapes
  • No penetrations of the roof deck are required

These adhered systems also have additional advantages in many situations such as:

  • Very low noise emissions during installation
  • Easy refurbishment of existing bitumen roofs

Sika adhered systems are generally installed on public and residential buildings, including schools, offices, hotels, hospitals, apartments, sports centres etc, plus all types of refurbishment projects.

Liquid Applied Membrane Systems with Sikalastic

Liquid applied systems powered by the unique SikaRoof MTC technology provide many advantages:

  • Cold applied waterproofing – no flame, no heat
  • Seamless waterproofing completely bonded to the substrate
  • Waterproofing is moisture and rain resistant just 10 minutes after application
  • 1-C products with viscosity ideal for roofing applications (no need for thinners, hardeners)
  • Easy installation using simple rollers and brushes over even complicated shapes
  • High tensile strength and elasticity
  • Long shelf life of products

These systems are ideal for exposed roofs with large number of complicated detailing and penetrations.

Bituminous Systems with Sika BituSeal T

Bituminous torch-on membranes are a well established and cost-efficient roof waterproofing solution with the following advantages:

  • Immediately waterproof after application
  • High flexibility and dimensional stability
  • Outstanding resistance to thermal distortion and at the same time a good cold flexibility
  • Long life expectancy with high resistance to weathering and ageing
  • Easy to install by using a flame torch
  • Very long shelf life

Sika bituminous systems can be used on administrative, public as well as on residential buildings.