Refurbishment of Metal Roofs

Systems: Refurbishment of Existing Metal Roofs

Mechanically Fastened Systems with Sarnafil

This system always requires additional thermal insulation to be added and create a smooth surface which is suitable for loose laying the membrane over, in addition to the thermal improvements that are gained.

By selecting this system you obtain:

  • A watertight system without problem points, plus all of the gutters, connections and flashings, etc. are securely waterproofed)
  • Reduced energy and heating/cooling costs due to the additional thermal insulation and highly reflective membranes
  • Long life expectancy and low life-cycle maintenance costs

Liquid Applied Membrane Systems with Sikalastic

This is the fast and easy way to renovate your metal roofs by spraying these advanced liquid membranes on to the cleaned and primed (where required) metal surfaces.

The Sika liquid membrane solutions provide:

  • Restored watertight condition
  • Additional protection for the metal deck
  • Reduced ‘heat island’ effect (light, highly reflective surface)