Refurbishment of Polymeric Membrane Roofs

Systems: Refurbishment of Existing Polymeric Membrane Roofs

Mechanically Fastened Membrane Systems with Sarnafil / Sikaplan

  • Mechanically fastened roofs are usually the most cost efficient solution for polymeric sheet membrane roof refurbishment
  • These also have the fastest refurbishment installation speed
  • The Sarnafil / Sikaplan membranes for mechanical fixing have special polyester reinforcement to give them high wind load resistance
  • Installation is almost non weather dependent

Liquid Applied Membrane Systems with Sikalastic

Liquid applied membrane systems using the unique SikaRoof MTC technology, have many advantages including:

  • Primers for use bonding directly to EPDM membrane surfaces
  • Seamless waterproofing solutions with a full bond to the substrate
  • The waterproofing layer is moisture and rain resistant just 10 minutes after its application
  • 1-C product with a viscosity that is ideal for roofing applications (no need for thinners or hardeners etc.)
  • Easy installation with brushes and rollers, even over the most complicated shapes and congested areas
  • High tensile strength and elasticity
  • Cold applied waterproofing – no flame, no heat
  • Long shelf life products