Solar Roofs

One of the environmental friendly Sika roof portfolios is solar roof. For solar roofs, Sika supplies light coloured membranes for bifacial solar systems to increase the energy production efficiency and a specially designed lightweight mounting system for the installation of rigid Photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Systems: Solar Roofs

Sika SolarMount-1 for Flat Rooftops

Sika SolarMount-1 (SSM1) was developed as a Sika's aero dynamic, non-penetrating and lightweight mounting system for the installation of rigid Photovoltaic (PV) panels to flat rooftops, covered with Sika Roofing membranes.

The key component of the Sika SolarMount 1 is the Sika designed "Sika SolarClick" fastener. It is produced of compounds perfectly matching Sika’s PVC and FPO membranes and is going to be attached to them by hot-air welding.

Sika has a collaboration with Centroplan GmbH for the design and distribution of SSM1 as well as for all other PV related topics.

Light-coloured Membranes for Bifacial Solar Systems

White coloured single ply or liquid applied membranes with high reflectivity can be used as a substrate for the placement of bi-facial solar systems. High reflectivity and the light colours of Sika roofing membranes allow to transfer substantial portions of sunlight from the waterproofing layer back to the rear side of the solar panels which are not directly exposed to the sun.