Utility Roof Decks

Systems: Utility Roof Decks

Loose Laid Membrane Systems with Sikaplan / Sarnafil

The single ply membranes are loosely laid on the substrate, welded together and then ballasted with the required utility deck build-up and wearing surface.

  • These systems have a proven track record of over 30 years
  • Sikaplan / Sarnafil membranes for utility roof decks easily resist biological influences and microorganisms
  • These flexible membranes can be installed in most weather conditions, even at minus temperatures
  • No additional fastening and no penetrations of the roof deck is needed

Liquid Applied Membrane Systems with Sikalastic

Utility roof decks can also be waterproofed easily and securely with liquid applied membranes. Sikalastic systems provide a unique range of solutions for utility roof deck waterproofing:

  • Sikalastic  top deck wearing surface layers with added quartz sand and / or coloured chips can give almost unlimited design possibilities for pedestrian terraces.
  • Specific 2 component Sikalastic products can be directly overlaid with hot poured asphalt, which can be a common solution for vehicular traffic access or car parking areas

All the main advantages of liquid applied membranes are also valid for utility roof decks:

  • Cold applied waterproofing – no flame and no heat
  • Seamless waterproofing, fully bonded to the substrate – preventing lateral water underflow
  • The SikaRoof MTC waterproofing layer is moisture and rain resistant just 10 minutes after application
  • 1C products with a viscosity that is ideal for roofing applications (no need for additional thinners or hardeners)
  • Easy installation with brushes and rollers even over complicated surface shapes and detailing
  • High tensile strength and crack bridging elasticity
  • Long shelf life products