Keeping dry

Tunnel construction works are designed for a life span of over 100 years. This especially demands high requirements from the waterproofing systems. Protection of the supporting construction, secure operation, durable and impediment-free functioning of technical installations are in the fore. Not only in operation but also in the construction phase, the waterproofing system must resist chemical and mechanical stresses.

Membrane systems

A tunnel structure has to be waterproofed either with a drainage system, a waterstop system or with the active control system for highest safety comprising a double layer membrane and controlled by vacuum. Sikaplan PVC and TPO sheet membrane systems are designed for long-term durability and ease of application. They include accessories and special solutions up to last and complex detail.

Joints waterproofing

Tunnel section joints, connections to transverse galleries and invert to wall joints, are some of the many places where reliable sealing is required. Sika and Tricosal water stops, Sika Combiflex and Dilatec adhesive tapes, SikaSwell profiles and sealants and SikaFuko injection hoses allow the design of the correct and practical sealing solution for each and every type of joint in the structure.

Drainage systems

Complete tunnel water drainage system based on channel and selected components for primary -spot wise- water drainage in tunnels and mines, in connection with shotcrete application.