Sika is a global leader when it comes to specialised adhesives for industrial applications. Over the past years, we developed high performing products dedicated for the global mining and materials processing industry to repair conveyor belts in an easy and efficient way. Two products are available, one for the reparation of rubber substrates and the other for structural rubber-rubber or rubber-steel bonding.

Sikabond® R&B-100

Conveyor belt repair made easy: This fast curing, high performance elastomer is designed for fast and clean repair of the rubber substrate of conveyor belts and industrial rubber elements. The product is available as a ready to be used repair kit that can be applied right in the field. The product is in use in many mines, and quaries and has been proven in the most challenging mining condistions.

Sikabond® R&B-200

SikaBond® R&B-200 is a structural adhesive for rubber to rubber or rubber to steel bonding. This unique product offers unbeatable adhesion to different rubber substrates and is designed for strucutral repair on rubber conveyor belts that are textile or steel reinforced. The product comes as a handy, two-component cartridge that is applied using a two component application gun (either manual or pneumatic). Besides the astonishing bonding properties, the product cures very fast and allows fast recomissioning of the conveyor belt once repaired.