Yielding primary shotcrete liners have become the standard underground support in many mines around the globe. Increased stress levels in deeper mines require a yielding support in order to take up dynamic loads and seismic shocks from the rock mass. Sika Fibers are high quality, macrosynthetic fibers used in underground projects around the globe and proven to outperform steel-fibers when it comes to energy absorption and cost-performance of the shotcrete support.

Sika Fiber Force

Sika® Fiber Force is the macrosynthetic fiber product range from Sika. The Sika fibers provide excellent yielding characteristics within the shotcrete liner or specific concrete structures such as slabs and piles. The fibers can be sourced in different packaging options including handy fiber-packs that easily disolve in the wet concrete mix.

Optimize your shotcrete mix

Macrosynthetic  polypropylene fibers have become the standard  in many mining operations around the globe. Macrosynthetic fibers have a few key advantages compared to steel fibers including avoidance of corrosion, much lower dosage (on a per weight basis), much better yielding characteristics, easier handling and better overall price performance.