Sika offers a wide range of protective coatings for steel or concrete structures. Used in large thickeners, leach tanks, floatation cells or as corrosion protection for exposed steel structures, we cover the whole application range. The products are either manually applied or by the use of special spraying equipment.

Protect your structure

The mining industry is handling chemicals , process solutions and waste water on a daily basis. The containment structures are made of steel or concrete and both need  to be protected from chemical attack, chloride migration or mechanical abrasion in order to maintain their structural integrity over the projected service life. Sika offers protective solutions for all kind of application, depending on the contained media and exposure class.

Maintenance is key

The SikaCor® product range is designed to protect steel structures from corrosion. From highly saline marine environments to mild moisture exposure, the SikaCor range covers it all. The Sikalastic® range covers products that are designed to protect steel and concrete from mechanical abrasion and chemical attack.