Sika Aliva® is the Sika equipment manufacturer for Shotcrete equipment of all sizes. Specialised in high quality, compact rotary machines, the spray units are ideal for shaft sinking, in cycle shotcreting of smaller drift diameters and rehabilitation and refurbishment works. The equipment is designed for a modular build-up to serve each customers specific needs.

Sika Aliva® longlasting quality

Sika Aliva® shotcrete equipment is used in mines all over the globe. From the deep Canadian cut and fill operations to narrow  epithermal  shrinkage operations in Mexico and Asia, Aliva equipment is reliable wherever and whenever you need it. The equipment is especially designed for operations where access is difficult and  smalll, equipment is of use due to smaller drift diameters. The equipment can be used for dry and wet spraying.

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Assembled according to your needs

Due to the modular set-up of the Aliva spray systems, the spray rigs can be customised according your needs. The «carrier independent system» or «CIS» allows to combine the different moduls based on the needed output volume, the carrier of choice and the accessability of the sprayed areas.