Sika offers an extensive range of rock injection resins for all types of applications ranging from two component, foaming, polyurethane resins to fight water ingresses underground to two component silicate and acrylic resins for rock and soil consolidation and cavity filling. Used in mines across the world, the Sika injection resins will help you to counter challenging ground conditions under-and above ground.

Sikafix® Injection Range

The Sika two component injection resins are dedicated to stop water and to consolidate challenging rock conditions underground. The products are applied using two component piston pumps of different sizes and auxiliary equipment such as packers, and lances. The PU resins can be accelerated based on the reaction time needed to counter the wateringress and to avoid washouts.

On site support

Succesful pre-and post grouting of underground structures warrant good preparation and assessment of the specific situation on the job-site. Dedicated and specialised Sika teams help you to achieve your goals and to train your teams when using the injection resins and auxiliary equipment. We also offer customer trainings that take place frequently.