Rock support and slope stabilization

Sprayed concrete as primary support system unites multiple aspects of modern concrete technology from raw material management to cement and concrete additives chemistry. Sika masters all these technologies of shotcrete from wet to dry spray applications. The flexibility and economy of this material comes to the fore in above-ground and underground buildings, tunneling and special underground construction, in fact throughout the construction industry.

Admixtures for base mix

For wet sprayed shotcrete processes, new effective superplasticizers are available with Sika® ViscoCrete® technology. These show excellent features with pumping and slump life of wet mixes. SikaTard® retarders act as setting retarders as well as mixture stabilizers. With adequate choice of product and dosages, Sika Tard® range is used as hydration hinibitor.

Shotcrete accelerators

The Sika Sigunit® shotcrete accelerators strengthen underground structures across the globe since more than 50 years. Dedicated to delivery high early strength shotcrete and adjusted to the specific cements in use, Sika is in position to help speed up your tunneling process and to facilitate the shotcrete handling significantly. Sigunit®-Instant Technology provides a logistic solution. The powders exhibit an extended shelf life and high flexibility for remote sites by a just-in-time production of the liquid accelerators by simply dissolving the powder in water.


Handling aggregates from tunnel production can be challenging, concrete production nowadays has to fulfill high demands and high productvity. A wide variety of micro-grinded additives can help the design of performance granulometric sorting and durable shotcrete. Sika® Fume®, SikaFiber® brands are extensively used in many tunnels and jobsites around the world.