Cured to OEM-Performance Beyond SDAT

Having a short Safe Drive-Away Time (SDAT) is not the definition of a safe system! Vehicle manufacturers apply stricter standards for releasing a vehicle back into operation than the average auto glass shop. Up until now, no system has been able to reach car manufacturers’ (OEM) performance requirements quickly enough and easily enough to be used by independent auto glass companies.  


PowerCure adhesives cure independently of the climate from inside of the bead. They cure within minutes to the strength level specified by vehicle manufacturers. PowerCure adhesives reinforce the car’s body structure to the original level within just 60 minutes, whereas one-component products can require up to several weeks depending on the climate. Rapid deployment of structural integrity is one of the key reasons why some vehicle manufacturers require their service centers to use accelerated or two-component adhesives. There are further benefits to using PowerCure adhesives too:

  • Comebacks can be repaired quickly without risk of soiling car interiors
  • Sensors can be calibrated quickly and without any concerns
  • Insurance and subcontracted work will meet all OEM standards

Sika’s PowerCure adhesives allow a car to be lifted by its windshield in as little as 60 minutes. This is what we understand practically by adhesives which are cured to OEM level.