Advanced Sika SDAT Standard

Sika is the one and only adhesive manufacturer worldwide using a 95th percentile crash test dummy. Due to the use of a heavier dummy, our tests can cover a higher percentage of people worldwide. WITH SIKA, YOU ARE ON THE HIGH ROAD TO SAFETY.

Sika is the pioneer in Safe Drive-Away Time (SDAT): we continuously monitor market developments, simulating and modeling our solutions in order to provide the safest conditions for vehicle drivers and occupants in every situation. Meeting the requirements of national and international law is not enough for Sika; we always want to go one step further. We always test our Sika Safe Drive-Away Time under more severe conditions than the FMVSS 212 standard requires. This makes your auto glass business, and your customer’s life, a bit safer than safe.  


Optimizing is our business, not only with regard to our total competence but also in terms of our testing standards. The 1976 FMVSS 212 standard utilizes a 50th percentile dummy, which is designed to represent about half of the adult male population. When Sika introduced our first crash standards, the US and some other countries did not have laws requiring vehicle passengers to wear seats belts. These days use of seat belts enforced by law.