Occasionally windscreens come without a pre-bonded rear mirror bracket or walk-in customers may ask for getting a loose rear mirror attached again.

Sika offers two solutions

For metal brackets


No Mix Acrylate
Fixture Time: 5 min (23 °C/50 % r. h.)
Kit containing: bottle of 50 ml + 10 ml Activator
Does up to 150 installations per bottle

SikaFast®-1640 is designed for bonding rear mirror brackets to vehicle windshields. It is suitable for bonding glass, ceramics and metals as well as a combination of these materials. The rear mirror can be installed just minutes after the bracket has been bonded.


For metal and plastic brackets


2 Component Polyurethane
Fixture Time: 10 min (23 °C/50 % r.h.)
Cartridge containing 50 ml + 3 mixer tips
Does 20 to 40 applications, further mixer tips are sold separately

SikaPower®-2955 is a is a two-com­ponent polyurethane adhesive with excellent adhesion properties. It is specifically designed for plastic repair work on bumpers and other plastic parts. SikaPower®-2955 is suitable for plastic repair work such as patch repair, clip bonding and reshaping.

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