Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Sika can offer a wide range of products dedicated to heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry equipment. With our long time experience in cooperation within this industry, we know the crucial details when it comes to cost effective solutions. Our innovative products include fast assembly Sikaflex products with minor one step pre-treatment or seam sealing products which fulfill hygiene requirements for HVAC systems and equipment (VDI ventilation code of practice). In addition Sika offers lightweight elastomeric constrained layer sound damper either on aluminium foil or a glass cloth for ease of application and production integration.

Their are many other products we can take out of our wide product basket. Or we may even formulate customized solutions. Our technical experts can help you by assessing the key process steps and parameters that can be improved by using Sika adhesives.

However, just talk to us.

Solutions for Consumer Air Conditioner
Solutions for Industrial HVAC