Finding Solutions Together

Our goal is to help you achieve your targets, no matter what or where. Our technical experts can help you assess key process steps as well as unit construction specifics that can be improved with Sika. With the right solution you benefit from optimized material consumption, cycle time, waste reduction, improved durability, noise reduction, design, and more. Sika added value solutions will not only help increase productivity and reduce costs, but also contribute to a differentiated end product for your customer.
Here is how our technical expertise can help:

From Design to Production

We file about 70 patents every year and lead more than 80 technology centers
around the globe, which is part of the reason the top four OEMs trust in our solutions.
We develop bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting solutions in
close cooperation with you, offering:

  • Best in-class technology to match your technical and commercial requirements
  • Support to ensure performance throughout design, prototyping, validation and full production phases

System Engineering

At Sika Competence Centers our system engineers work on solutions with you and
for you to achieve targeted results:

  • Savings in production costs and material usage
  • Great solution performance
  • Improved aesthetic design and look and feel of your appliance  

Technical Service

Local Sika Technical Service teams are around the world, close to where you design,
develop, produce and sell:

  • Fast and reliable tests based on international and local standards
  • Training of applicators in your production sites and labs
  • Optimal communication and understanding throughout the entire process


Talk to us about how our solutions can make your appliances quieter, lighter, smarter, more energy efficient, all within a smooth and cost-effective production line.

Contact us to schedule a visit or discuss your needs.