Sika offers a broad product range from slow curing solutions for manual applications to very fast settings for short cycles, and high resistance technologies to cover every demand related to bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting. Our solutions go beyond the standard and deliver  concrete benefits that help you succeed:

  • Less waste
  • Fewer rejects
  • Faster cycle times
  • Reduced consumption
  • Unique end product properites

An entire package that benefits both, you and your customers.

Sika’s solutions begin with a technology selection to suit the most demanding applications:

Brand families Description
Sikaflex® Elastic polyurethanes (PU) and silane terminated polyurethanes (STP) for sealing and bonding
SikaForce® Rigid structural polyurethanes for fast and strong bonding
SikaPower® Epoxy sealants and adhesives for structural joints
Sikasil® Silicones for chemical and heat-resistant bonding and sealing
SikaMelt® Hot melts with high initial tack and processability for fast cycle times
SikaFast® Acrylates with excellent ratio between open time and curing time
SikaDamp® Preformed butyl sheets for vibration and noise damping
SikaLastomer® Butyl pastes for general sealing applications
Sikagard® Water-based sprayable sound deadening coating

In our product guide you find best recommended products by application.

Within our extended portfolio of technologies we can help you decide for example whether one component or two component adhesives are the best alternative, where to switch from mechanical fastening to bonding, and how to adopt hot melt adhesives for faster processing.


Whether a one- or two-component is more suitable depends on many parameters. Sika can help you find the ideal solution by evaluating your specific conditions.

One Component

  • Cures from the outside by moisture at a typical speed of 3 to 5 mm/day. Added heat / moisture can speed the curing process.
  • Curing depends on ambient conditions
  • Suitable for discontinuous operations
  • No mixing required


Two Component

  • Cures by mixing components together
  • Speed can be tailored to most processes, from fully automated to manual lines.
  • Fast curing (within seconds), independent from environment
  • Process speed predictable and constant
  • Automatic equipment for mixing needed  


Screwing, bolting and welding cause high stress concentrations, require additional
process steps as well as small material handling and present corrosion risk.

Bonding is a more advanced solution, allows for even distribution of stress, causes no
harm to surfaces, reduces noise and vibration and automates processes.

Sika bonding delivers:

  • Substantial cost savings through reduction in material cost
  • Fully automated high speed production
  • Increased performance and long life cycle
  • Higher design freedom  


SikaMelt® offers a more cost efficient solution to tapes by removing the carrier and
applying the hot melt adhesive directly to the components. These are the advantages of SikaMelt®:

  • Major cost savings in cycle time reduction and material
  • Both manual or fully automated application
  • Repositioning within the open time
  • Liquid application in any bead shape; in some cases the adhesive can be foamed
  • No mixing (one-component)

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