Project Description

Bitexco Financial Tower is located in the business district of the Ho Chi Minh City.
The tower occupies a ground area of 6’000 m² and has over 100’000 m² floor area. It consists of an office area of 68 storeys a retail podium of five-storey, and a below-ground five-storey area, for parking and operation equipments.

The shape of the tower is designed like the shape of a lotus flower bud, the national flower of Vietnam. The whole structure is made of concrete. The total estimated cost of this project is more than $ 220 million USD. Bitexco Financial Tower will be the tallest building in the city with 269 m height.

Project Requirements

The main roof exposed on the different floors needed to be waterproofed. The challenge was to select a qualified product (Sika Sarnafil® PVC membrane) and an experienced roofing contractor, and Sika Vietnam got a “Gold Sarnafil” contractor in Vietnam.

On 48th floor, at the height of 200 m, the customer was looking for
a solution to waterproof a number of penetrations on the roof and to waterproof the open area where BUM (Automatic cleaning for curtain wall façade) were installed.

For 7th floor, a double solution with loose laid membrane systems was needed.

Sika Solutions

Sika Vietnam won the waterproofing package of that project due to a deep involvement since the beginning of the construction with the project management team as well as with the main contractor.

For 7th floor: Sika® Sarnafil® G476 15 loose laid membrane system, under protective screed and Sika® Sarnafil® G410 12 Felt fully adhered system were used.

For 48th floor, due to a lot of detailing and the rails of the cleaning machine for the glazing, Sikalastic® MTC12 was chosen to be the most suitable to be applied in an easy and efficient way to give waterproof.

For 68th floor: fully adhered exposed system with Sika® Sarnafil® G410 12 Felt was used.

The roof build up and design for wind uplift calculation was done with the support of Sika Singapore and Sika Sarnafil Shanghai in order to ensure that the best quality is installed on the customer’s tallest project. Sika Vietnam also offered a site demonstration and mock-up to prove our system performances.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project:

  • Sika® Sarnafil® G476 15
  • Sika® Sarnafil® G410 12 Felt
  • Sikalastic® MTC12
  • Sika® Sarnafil® G410 12 Felt

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Project Participants

Developer: Bitexco Group (Vietnam)
Supervisory Consultant & Project Manager: Turner Construction Company (USA)
Architect: Carlos Zapata Studio Architects (USA)
Foundation Contractor: Delta Industrial & Civil Construction Co., Ltd (Vietnam)
Building Contractor: Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd (Korea)
Waterproofing contractor: Misu Construction (Sika applicator)
Project Manager: Sika Company: Sika Limited (Vietnam)