Project Description

It is one of leading enterprises of the Russian space-rocket industry. Khrunichev SRPSC unites in itself variety of the enterprises specializing on manufacture, launching and service of space-rocket technics. The Research and Production Center has decided to completely overhaul one of its workshops, built in 1960, and part of the roofing structures over all buildings of the center.

Project Requirements

The concerned objectives are construction of floors in the Angara launcher final assembly shop, construction of floors in the X-ray and paint spray booths, construction of the protection for the paint spray booth drains and roof construction.
Uniqueness of the task: it was necessary to make a leveling concrete covering no more than
6 cm thickness before making polymeric floors. At the same time there was no waterproofing under the concrete basis.

So it was necessary to solve 2 problems:

  • To provide strong coupling of a new thin leveling covering with the old basis
  • To exclude a suction of a capillary moisture in leveling covering

Sika Solutions

Sika has delivered materials for performance of the following construction tasks:

  1. Construction of a leveling screed using steel-fibro-concrete:
    SikaCor® 277, Sika ViscoCrete® 5-800
  2. Construction of floors with antistatic coating in the Angara launcher final assembly shop, floor coverings for X-ray & paint spray booths with a total area of 20,000 m2:
    Sikafloor® 161, Sikafloor® 220W, Sikafloor® 262AS, Sikafloor® 263.
  3. Construction of the protection for the paint spray booth drains:
    Sikagard® -720 EpoCem, Sikalastic® 842.
  4. Construction of the roof with a total area of 40,000 m2:
    Sikaplan® 12 VGWT.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project:

  • SikaCor® 277
  • Sika ViscoCrete® 5-800
  • Sikafloor® 161
  • Sikafloor® 220W
  • Sikafloor® 262AS
  • Sikafloor® 263
  • Sikagard® -720 EpoCem
  • Sikalastic® 842
  • Sikaplan® 12 VGWT

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Project Participants

Customer: Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center
General Contractor: Spetsstroy Russia
Contractor: Stroyoltech