Project Description

Rhenus Group is an international logistics company with 100 years history and 14,000 employees at 230 locations. The International Consolidation Center (ICC) in Giessen is one of the largest logistic centers of the group, and it is mainly used by the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and approved as a storage for water pollutants and other hazardous materials. The total floor area covers 12,800 square meters.

The client was expecting a safe and permanent floor coating solution in order to flexibly adapt itself to appropriate redevelopment or change of tenants, means the floor shall suit for the storage of a variety of materials.

Project Requirements

Only a highly chemical resistant coating system which would meet the Water Resources Act (WHG § 19) standard would be considered. The Heidelberg-based architecture firm H.J. Meier was in charge of the planning and construction management of the property, Gebrüder Hörner GmbH was in charge of the implementation.

The concrete substrate of the floor was in relatively good condition, while there were some damages and superficial cracks in the concrete.

The floor is required to be chemical resistant and crack bridging. The built-in conveyors and high warehouse shelves don’t allow the floor to have a conventional ball blasting, therefore, a surface preparation was carried out by using diamond grinding techniques.

Sika Solutions

The re-profiling was performed with the Sika® MonoTop® bonding material and leveling mortar.

Then the substrate surface was primed with Sikafloor®-123 before the fillets were applied.

A second layer of scratch coat by spatula was applied with Sikafloor®-123 as a binder prior to Sikafloor®-390 waterproofing system. This system has high chemical resistant, waterproofing and crack-bridging properties, and it is especially suitable for areas where forklifts drive around.

The around 3000 feet long floor joint details were sealed with Sikaflex® Tank. This sealing solution is especially suitable for storage, places for filling and handling of water-polluting liquids (LAU systems).

In addition, 17,000 m2 roof of this logistics center was waterproofed with Sikaplan® solution.

Rhenus AG & Co.Logistics Center KG in Giessen is perfectly protected from roof to floor with high performance and long lasting solutions from Sika.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project:

  • Sika® MonoTop®
  • Sikafloor®-123
  • Sikafloor®-390
  • Sikaflex® Tank
  • Sikaplan®

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Project Participants

Project owner: Rhenus AG & Co.
Architect: H.J. Meier
Contractor: Gebrüder Hörner GmbH
Sika organization: Sika Deutschland GmbH