Project Description

Like many flats built in the sixties and seventies, the balconies of this residential building had to be renovated. Two years ago, one of the buildings nearby was already taken care of. Since that moment, the architect responsible for that project has been convinced of the quality of the Sika® Balcony Premium system. This time again he wanted to work with this waterproofed balcony system.

Project Requirements

The refurbishment of the balconies needed to be done with a sustainable system that could guarantee a complete waterproofing of the horizontal and vertical surfaces. The finishing layer had to be functional - anti-slip and strong - as well as visually appealing. If the old tiled floor could be kept, the refurbishment costs would be reduced.

Sika Solutions

The balconies in bad condition received a new screed, the old tiles in good condition were not removed. On top of the full surface of 1.400 m², Sika Bonding Primer was applied. The second step was applying the waterproof system. This consists of 2 layers of Sikafloor®-405, reinforced with Sika® Reemat Premium.

For the finishing layer, the quartz system was chosen. For this, the surface is treated with Sikafloor®-406 and immediately covered with a mixture of Sikafloor®-406 and Sika Quartz granulates. To seal off this quartz layer, the topcoat Sikafloor®-416 was used. As for the front of the balconies, Sikagard® Elastic - Decadex-550 was applied.

This way, also those surfaces are protected against the various weather conditions.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project:

  • Sikafloor®-405
  • Sika® Reemat Premium
  • Sikafloor®-406
  • Sikafloor®-416
  • Sikagard® Elastic - Decadex-550

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Project Participants

Client: Foncia Hasselt
Architect: Robben Marc
Contractor: Betotec
Supplier: Sika Belgium