Project Description

The Bogota’s Gold Museum is the result of several decades of efforts of the Banco de la República to recover, preserve, research, divulge and display the historic legacy of several native communities that inhabited Colombia in the Pre-Hispanic era, and that today boasts more than 50.000 golden artifacts, hand made by the indigenous peoples.

The objects displayed serve as bridge to the native cultures, illustrating, in a stunning manner, several aspects of their way of living, their dress, their artistic forms, their animal representations and their religiosity. The renovation of the Museum began in the second half of 2007, and it included the construction of an annex, larger than the original building. Together, they house four permanent collections, one room for temporary and exploratory exhibitions, a restaurant, an auditorium and a gift shop.

Sika took active part in the execution of the entire project, giving the builders and inspectors the technical support that the different Sika solutions provide, adapting itself to the needs of each stage.

Project Requirements

One of the most important jobs for the museum was the installation of wooden floors on the exhibition and permanent collections’ rooms. The Bank’s main concern was to install the wooden floor on a surface that did not meet the requirements in terms of the humidity levels of the concrete, which could damage the wooden floors. The inspectors, PAYC Ltda, had to find a solution that allowed installing the wooden floors in the shortest possible time, controlling the humidity, as well as to give some acoustic insulation, an important feature in a museum.

Sika, looking for the best possible cost – benefit ratio, proposed a system to insulate, to reduce installation times, to reduce the times for the commissioning or the start of the project’s finishing stage and that allowed the installation of large areas with no need for movement-joints.

Sika Solutions

The applied products were Sikafloor® EpoCem® as temporary barrier as well as Sika® Primer MB for permanent moisture regulation. The use of these products made it possible to install the wood floor 4 weeks earlier then without using them. 24 hours after the application of the Primer, the fast curing, highly elastic wood floor adhesive SikaBond® T-53 was used to install the wood floors.

SikaBond® T-53 ensures a high walking comfort, reduces the tension between the boards and also reduces ambient and impact sound. A further highly appreciated characteristic of SikaBond® T-53 is that it can be walked on the floor while the adhesive is curing.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • Sikafloor®- 81 EpoCem®
  • Sika® Primer MB
  • SikaBond® T-53

Project Participants

Owner: Banco de la República
Design: Museo del Oro, Banco de la República
Main Contractor: Saenz Ruiz Cadena
Inspector: Payc Ltda.
Finishing Contractor: Total Ltda.
Wood Floor Subcontractor: Maderpisos Ltda.