Project Description

Holy Trinity Church is a dynamic, neighborhood Episcopal parish in the City of New York. It is located at 213 West 82nd Street, and is one of many churches which represent medieval architecture.

Project Requirements

The existing roof at the Holy Trinity Church located in New York City consisted of conventional shingles over an older asphalt roof at the dome and pitched roofs and a newer built up SBS Modified Bitumen at the flat roof sections. The roof was reaching the end of its design life and a cost effective solution was sought that would not only provide long term waterproofing protection but also enhance the aesthetics of this historic church. This project is concerning 17,000 Ft2 roofing space.

Sika Solutions

SikaRoof® MTC 18 ( Decothane ) fully reinforced, cold fluid applied, UV stable, roofing membrane was chosen as the solution. To prepare the substrate, the existing shingle roof system and underlying asphalt at pitched roofs were removed by manual means. Mechanical preparation was not possible as it was feared vibration would cause the historic Guastovino tile on the dome interior to become damaged or dislodged.

The SBS section of roof was repaired where necessary and given a thorough high pressure washing. The metal cupola atop the dome was prepared by mechanical means back to a bright metal and open seams/welds were repaired.

The entire roof was first primed with Epoxy Primer and the SikaRoof® MTC 18 ( Decothane ) roofing membrane was installed. A Steel Gray color was chosen for the flat and pitched roofs, which was then highlighted by the contracting use of Copper Green Patina at the cupola dome. The SikaRoof® MTC 18 ( Decothane ) membrane was installed seamlessly from the dome and pitched roofs onto the flat roofs and was terminated at the masonry parapet walls beneath new streamline panels to form a monolithic, self flashing roofing system.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika product was used in the project

  • SikaRoof® MTC 18

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Project Participants

Client: Holy Trinity Church
Contractor: West New York Restoration of Connecticut, Inc.
Sika Organisation: Liquid Plastics Inc., USA