Project Description

This impressive commercial and recreational centre is located just a few kilometres to the west of the Swiss capital Bern. Being opened in October 2008 ( On Time! ) it was then the largest privately financed construction project in Switzerland with a total investment of ca. 500 million Swiss France (€360 m / US$ 450m).

60 shops and boutiques offer extensive shopping opportunities. Next to the shopping mall, this complex includes a Multiplex cinema with 11 halls and 2’400 seats, 10 Restaurants (3’000m²), Pool, Spa and Fitness areas (10’000m²), Hotel (144 rooms), conference centre and a senior citizen home.

Since the complex extends across a motorway, an existing highway tunnel had to be extended as part of the project.

The technical, time and economic requirements during this project were manifold and sometimes tough and difficult to achieve. The list of challenges was topped by the basement waterproofing and protection of the parking area. Also on the list were storage and logistics areas, wall coating of sanitary and pool areas, corrosion protection of steel, sprayed fire protective coatings, bonding and sealing of façade elements and waterproofing of the roof.

Project Requirements and Solutions

Concrete and Waterproofing Solutions for Basement

Because of its importance and influence on the construction process the choice of the underground waterproofing system is often among the first details decided by the design architects and engineers. This was also the case at the “Westside”, were the Sika® waterproofing specialists have been consulted at a very early stage.

The task was to design, execute and supervise a well thought through and secure system to protect the structure against the ingress of ground water. A major criteria was experience and the ability to prove success with challenging references. The chosen solution was an integrated system using waterproof concrete, waterproof joints and supervision of the installation.

Sika solution:

  • Sika® ViscoCrete® and Sikament® Superplasticisers for 90’000 m³ of concrete with excellent workability, reduced water cement ratio and better waterproofing properties.
  • Sika® Waterbars for waterproofing of the construction and movement joints.
  • Supervision and design support of the specialized waterproofing engineers from Permaton.

Corrosion and Fire Protection Solutions for the Steel Structure from Permaton wpc, Winterthur

The steel structure of the roof needed not only durable protection against corrosion with a reliable and well proven coating, but also the demanding requirements of the architects had to be met. In addition, the attractive “Crystals” required special fire protection.

Sika solution:

  • 16’000 m² of SikaCor®corrosion protective coating, available
    in numerous attractive colours
  • Sika Cafco® system as fire protective sprayed rendering

Flooring Solutions for Car Park Decks

Protective coatings of multi storey car parks are among the most stressed surfaces of a building. Mechanical stress created by tires and trolleys, high and low temperatures, and potential UV radiation are accompanied by chemical attacks, e.g. by de-icing salts. International experiences clearly show that car park coatings only work reliably with a systematic, coordinated approach out of one hand. Besides the products it has to include detailed planning of connections, joints, drainage, application, quality control, cleaning and maintenance.

Sika solution:

50’000 m² of car park and logistics areas, using:

  • Sikafloor® EpoCem moisture barrier for selected areas
  • Elastified Sikafloor®-390
  • Crack bridging Sikalastic®-821 and Sikafloor® 355 where ground movements were expected
  • High performance Sika Elastomastic® TF system for areas of intense wear like entrance areas, ramps etc.

Floor and Wall Coatings for Pool and Sanitary Areas

The sloped concrete walls of the pool area needed a protective coating which is decorative, waterproof, easy to clean and maintain and resistant to physical and chemical attack. The sanitary areas needed protective coatings for both the wall and floor areas. Nevertheless the surfaces should have attractive colours.

Sika solution:

  • 35’000 m² of Sucoflex® synthetic roofing membranes

Structural glazing

safe bonding between glass and aluminium, safe bonding between glass and glass, resistance against humidity and use in pool area.

Sika solution:

  • Bonding of glass elements with Sikasil® SG-20, Sikasil®
    WS-605 S and others

Sika products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • Sika® ViscoCrete®
  • Sikament® Superplasticisers
  • Sika® Waterbars
  • SikaCor®corrosion
  • Sika Cafco® system
  • Sikafloor® EpoCem
  • Sikafloor® coating
  • Sucoflex® synthetic roofing membranes
  • Sikasil® SG-20
  • Sikasil® WS-605 S

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Project Participants

Project: Westside Mall, Bern, Switzerland
Owner: Migros Aare
Designer: Daniel Libeskind, New York / Zürich
Main Contractor: - Arge TU Westside
- Rhomberg Bau AG/ Strabag
Waterproofing: Permaton, wpc, Winterthur
Roofing: Bizzozero
Car park coating: Fetaxid AG
Steel corrosion protection: Schneider AG