Project Description

AZ Groeninge is one of the oldest hospitals in Belgium. It is a large teaching hospital, affiliated with the Flemish KU Leuven Hospital network, in the Belgian city Kortrijk. For its new buildings and renovation of existing buildings, Siks supplied high quality seamless flooring solutions in 2015.

Hospital AZ Groeninge, Belgium
Hospital AZ Groeninge, Belgium (buildings from outside)

Project Requirements

The interior design of the AZ Groeninge project was to create a completely new and modern atmosphere for the hospital environment. Part of the design is a sleek, uniform look of the flooring surface which provides not only extra footfall comfort, but also the possibility of many color choices. Of course, easy maintenance and possibility of easy renovation were important factors for the floor system specification as well.

Apart from the points mentioned above, it was also important to meet hospital design standards with proper certificates and compliance guarantees such as: fire resistance,
cleanroom, slip-resistance class, etc. Ideally, it is a system which can eliminate joints in lavatory areas where joints allow dirt and bacteria to harbor, which means a seamless floor was preferred.

Hospital AZ Groeninge, Belgium (waiting room)

Sika Solutions

Sika ComfortFloor® met all of these requirements and was applied on 46,000 m² floor surface in the hospital. For different areas, Sika provided different system buildups including:

Sika ComfortFloor® ps-23 system for the corridors, rooms and other areas:

  • Sikafloor®-156 with Sikafloor®-327 as levelling screed
  • Sikafloor®-330
  • Sikafloor®-305W as top coats

Sika Shower System in the lavatories: Schönox waterproofing system with Sikafloor®-305 W in three layers for an attractive finish.

Sikafloor® Multiflex PS-27 ESD system for specific functional areas with static-sensitive electronic devices or volumes of flammable material: Sikafloor®-156 and Sikafloor® -327 as levelling screed, with Sikafloor® -328 as tough-elastic PU screed layer andSikafloor® -305 W ESD in two top coats.

One of the important considerations of specifying a Sika resin flooring solution was also the product quality and professional service.