Project Description

Hancock Medical Center in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi sustained heavy damage when Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf coast in August, 2005. The metal and EPDM roofs of the building also suffered damage, therefore needed reroofing. The construction was completed in August 2006. The size of the roof is 9290 m2.

Project Requirements

It was decided that existing metal roof would be left in place and Sarnafil membrane would be put over that.

Sika Solutions

Adhered Feltback Roof System using white 60 mil Sarnafil® G410 EnergySmart Roof® membrane for low slope areas and Décor Roof System using custom color azure blue 60 mil Sarnafil® G410 membrane for steep sloped areas were specified for the reroofing project.

Sarnafil® membranes would eliminate the expansion and contraction problems of a metal roof and also offer energy savings, because the EnergySmart white membrane that replaced the black EPDM would reflect the sun’s heat off the roof, reducing cooling expenses.

In addition, insulation could be added to the metal roof, increasing its R-value.
Sika Sarnafil®’s reputation for quality, and its performance on other roofs during the hurricane were other factors.

During the roof installation, the biggest challenge was that on the metal portion of the existing roof there were 104 different slopes in 30,000 square feet.

The replacement of the EPDM portion of the roof began with the tear-off of the old membrane and any wet insulation. Once those materials were removed, a layer of DensDeck® Prime Roof Board was mechanically attached over the lightweight insulating concrete and then covered with Sarnafil® G410 fully adhered membrane.

Installation of the Décor system over the metal roof involved filling the flutes of the existing roof with polyisocyanurate insulation, followed by DensDeck® Prime roof board. The azure blue membrane was then adhered directly over that, followed by the Décor ribs.

Hancock Medical now benefits from a roof that is not only leak-free, but which is also saving the hospital money in energy costs.

The new roof is attractive, too, with beautiful looking.

Project Participants

Project owner: Hancock Medical Center
Roof Contractor: ReflecTech, Inc., Picayune, MS
Roofing Subcontractor: Atlantic Architectural Sheet Metal, Inc. Atlanta, GA
Sika Organization:
Sika Corporation, USA