Project Description

Doctors Hospital of Manteca needed to have its roof refurbished in 2012.
The size of the roof is 2750m2.

Project Requirements

The roof at Doctors Hospital of Manteca located in Manteca, California defines the word “congested.”

The facility’s mechanical equipment, electrical service, duct work and roof pipes are all on the roof, creating a large network of equipment that would make any reroofing project a challenge. Add 1,750 double pipe support posts which had to be booted and flashed and you have an installation that would scare off many roofing contractors.

Waterproofing Associates which has been working with Sika for more than 10 year and is very experienced was awarded the job after submitting a bid with the Sarnafil® roofing membrane system. Alvin Nunnikhoven, senior consultant at Benchmark Inc., roofing consultants in Cedar Rapids(Iowa), specified the Sarnafil® roofing system because of its proven performance.

Another challenge is that the 73-bed hospital should remain in operation during the entire roof refurbishment. This means the areas the the roofer could work on each day were limited and a perfect coordination was required.

Sika Solutions

Adhered EnergySmart roofing system using 80 mil Sarnafil® membrane in white was applied to the roof. The reroofing project started with removing a four-ply BUR over a plywood substrate, mechanically fastening a gypsum roof board, and then adhering the 80 mil Sarnafi membrane. Since all of the equipment on the roof was about 12 inches above the deck, most of the crew were on their hands and knees for most of the roof installation.

In addition, some mechanical units on the roof were being replaced, as well as some duct work, piping and electrical service. “We had to manage approximately 1,750 new duct support pipe stanchions,” John Ravetti, project manager at Waterproofing Associates said. “These stanchions had to be inspected every day which required temporary patching of all supports.”

The great teamwork between Benchmark, Magnum Builders and Sika is an important factor in the success of the project. Sika representatives helped the applicators by approving special flashing clearances for under the duct work on the pipe stanchions, and working hand-in-hand with the applicators on details that were out of the norm.

Today the roof is leak free and is expected to perform well for many, many years.

Project Participants

Project owner: Tenet Healthcare Corporation
Roof Consultant: Benchmark, Inc.
Waterproofing Associates, Inc.
Sika Organization:
Sika Corporation, USA