Project Description

The Carver-Hawkeye Arena at the University of Iowa’s Iowa City campus seats 15,500 for basketball, and also is host to numerous concerts, sports camps, commencements and other events. It has been the site of many winning performances, including that of its roof. The 48 mil mechanically attached Sarnafil roof had done its job admirably for 25 years, until an unusually severe storm damaged parts of the roof in the spring of 2006.

Yet, like a dedicated athlete who refuses to give up the game, the aging membrane continues to perform today in its new, recycled rendition as roofing walkway membranes. Meanwhile, its Sika Sarnafil replacement roof continues the legacy of being a high performing player. The roof size is 158’000 square feet, and the roofing was completed in October 2006.

Project Requirements

The arena’s original Sarnafil® roof was installed in 1981 and was still in a reasonable good shape till a very severe storm with hail and tornados in 2006. The roof refurbishment was then needed. The new membrane should be effectively welded to the old Sarnafil® membrane during the anticipated phasing of the roof installation.

Sika Solutions

The white Sarnafil® EnergySmart 60 mil S 327 mechanically attached system was selected to fulfill the requirements. One reason was that the new membrane could be effectively welded to the old Sarnafil membrane during the anticipated phasing of the roof installation. Another reason was that the roofing contractor, CEI Roofing Texas of Dallas, thought Sika Sarnafil’s bid was very well presented. In addition, prior to the start of construction, Sika Sarnafil technical sales representative Ken Baragary came up with a proposal for the old membrane to be recycled. Both the owner and the roofing contractor were enthusiastic about this idea.

The installation crew began by removing the old membrane and replacing the insulation around the outer edges of the roof. Most of the remaining insulation, however, was in very good shape and could be reused. Dens-Deck® was mechanically fastened over the insulation and the Sarnafil® EnergySmart membrane was then installed.

Both the new and old Sika Sarnafil roofs scored high points among those involved with the project. “My experience to-date with Sarnafil has definitely met or exceeded all expectations we had for them,” said Jeff Hayes, engineer at the University of Iowa.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika product was used in the project

  • Sarnafil® EnergySmart 60 mil S 327

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Project Participants

Owner: University of Iowa
Architect: Benchmark, Inc. Cedar Rapids, IA
Roofing Contractor: CEI Roofing Texas, LLC Dallas, TX